Akash Dharmaraj

Born on the 20th of February 1946, I am now in the seventy first year of this journey on earth.

I trained as a Clinical psychologist, and Psychotherapist , but there was not much work for a therapist in 1968 in India, so I started my working life as a nursery school teacher! Later, the school started a counseling center, and I spent a few years as a student counselor. Mostly intelligence testing, and career counseling.

During these years, I trained as a Transactional Analyst, and also took up a Sufi Journey with a Teacher in Kashmir… 

The need to get a better paying job took me into the corporate sector, and I moved into the unlikely areas of marketing and manufacturing home appliances. Luck, and hard work, brought rich rewards and I soon reached the top of the ladder. 

However, I also discovered that the Rat Race was not for me, and turned back to my original training, designing and conducting corporate workshops. My main training tool was Transactional Analysis, which remains my chief intervention tool till today.

Finally, twenty years ago, getting back to my roots, I set up as a practicing therapist in New Delhi, India.

At this point, I began to feel restricted by the sterile atmosphere of clinical techniques, and wanted to make it richer, deeper, with a “meaning dimension”. I sought permission from my Sufi Teacher to integrate sufi healing techniques into my work… 

I also started exploring Energy healing techniques, starting with Reiki, and Pranic Healing, soon adding on crystals, essential oils, colors, fragrances, meditations and visualizations. The most dramatic discovery were the Gurdjieff Sacred Dances. Life changing and enhancing in ways I could not have imagined… 
This opened up a magical world of pure potentiality, full of all possibilities. I started with healing myself, and then began sharing the magic with my clients. Now, I develop healing strategies that include all these techniques. 

On the domestic front, I have been a Good Householder, looked after my children while they needed looking after, taught them to fly, and let go…

I now live and work in Goa, India…
Dancing the dance of Life, peacefully making my humble contribution to the universe, and accepting its gifts with gratitude.

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"We are not dancers. We are all searching for our truth, through the dances and movements."


"A few years ago, I wandered into the Osho Commune in Pune - something I had resisted for 25 years - and found myself drawn to these strange movements.  Impulsively, I signed up for a 6 week intensive training. What followed was the harrowing, quite terrifying, experience, at the age of 54, of stretching my unfit & unwilling body, to impossible limits... Continue reading



Carol is a Sufi Dervish, Fourth Way teacher, Transactional Analysis (TA) facilitator, Sound healer, Reiki master, Leader, Woman, Mother and a student just like all of us.

She is also the co-founder of the international Akhaldans 4th way school which she founded with Akash Dharmaraj in India. Together, they have co-created a unique style of transmission of the Fourth Way work using the movements as a vehicle for Awakening and Transformation. Carol is also the head of all of the school's activities in its North America branch and activities in Africa..

Akash describes Carol as a loving, compassionate human who cares deeply about the Work and does this work of transmission only because she loves it. 

She has been leading groups all over the world for the past 35 years and integrating Sufi practices and TA into her work with high profile leadership executives,  non-profit organizations, personal groups and individuals, and whoever is willing to learn. She has taught the Gurdjieff Sacred Dances  in India (including in the Osho Commune in Pune), in Africa and in North America where she is based most of the time (When she isn't traveling ;-)


"My mission is to transform individuals, teams and organizations by taking them out of their automatic comfort zones so that they can begin to: 
Reinvent, Reintegrate, Reconnect, Simplify and Move toward Sense and Respond, the new paradigm in human consciousness and organizations, and away from the prevailing paradigm of Predict and Control.


I resolve to never refer to myself as a trouble-shooter or problem solver. I do not want to spend my time and energy reinforcing trouble and problems.  

Instead, I see potential. I see strengths. I enhance, strengthen, invite and facilitate potential to grow - to become tangible strengths. I facilitate the process of turning potential into compassionate power. 


So that there is a constant output of value, spirit, and animation;
So that each individual fulfills more of their unique potential and purpose;
So that each part of the organism contributes to the good working of the whole; So that the organism fulfills more of its unique potential and purpose in the larger universal environment.

My vision is:

A world where awareness, intimacy and spontaneity are available to everyone, everywhere.
A world where everyone is connected to themselves, others and purpose in healthy ways.
A world where I operate from love and an open, playful heart."


© Photo credit: Gili Chen