IT'S ABOUT YOU & Everything is Welcomed

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It is an integrated journey we walk through life, and a key to becoming happy is cultivating the ability to understand and observe anything that might be getting in your way. Everything you long for, everything that might be holding you back, your fears and your desires, rawness and ecstasy, inside and out. Therefore, a key to supporting you is to welcome everything you bring with you, whatever that may be, in body, mind, and heart. 

Very few of us had the opportunity to deeply and openly learn about love, passion, sensuality, sexuality, touch, desire, fear and awareness itself, without some kind of judgement or agenda. We were probably never taught about it at school, let alone had a constructive and supportive opportunity to experience it, with guidance, in a safe space. Yet these concepts drive us through life, raise us up and crash us down, over and over again, and might even define us, whenever you relate to others or yourself.

This is an opportunity and a place for you to explore your inner landscape around these topics and to shape your experience of them in your life in a way that expands you. It is an invitation for you to start taking charge of your relationship with them, to start using them for your growth instead of being a prisoner to habits and conditioning.

This is a space for self remembrance and self discovery intended to support the integration of all dimensions of your life and accelerate your journey of awakening. 


All ancient traditions talk about embodiment of our existence on this plane. You are about to leap into a journey of embodiment. You get to choose how much you'd like to reconnect to your deepest essence, heal and re-program your experience on the cellular level to that of joy and well-being. You choose the extent in which you'd like to explore your bliss, your grounding, your activation and integration in a balanced and stable way. You choose how sensual it may be, how long, how often, in alignment with your boundaries and experience.

Emotions & mind

Some find this journey most challenging around love & relationships, for others it's all about finding a work-life balance - a space to slow down and find inner spaces to "be" rather than to "do" - a balance in the fast pace race we call life. Or maybe, you're at a stage of new exploration and discovery, re-evaluating and re-structuring your way of being in this world, in this body, seeking a greater understanding of what you're here to do, and what the nature of your existence is.

In the space offered here you get to choose the level of cognitive and emotional guidance you receive. It is a mental framework that helps to understand and integrate everything you already know about yourself, your past experiences, and the support system you already have in place. And.. you get to integrate it with the sensation based body work or group work that works for you.

You & the group

Relating is an art. It is the way we walk in life. Whether we like it or not, avoid it or seek it, everything is inter-related and therefore shapes our mere existence. Here, you have a choice to customize the level of relatedness you'd like to explore. Starting with learning how to be more authentic with yourself, and then taking that one step further to your intimate relationships with another, and to the greater collective.

You can find your personal balance to integrate individual work, inter-personal work and group work in a customized way that is specific for you, each offering different gifts to support a more awake state of mind.

Whether you're interested in exploring your emotional landscape, your embodiment, or mind, there's an extensive and sometimes confusing abundance of information out there. The only one who can walk your path is you, and it is a unique path that no one has ever walked before, and no one will ever walk again. For that, this is a space where you can explore your inner healing and harmony.

The door is wide open - only you can walk through it...