Before trying to understand what is a Tantra Massage, it can be helpful to establish what we mean when we say Tantra. In the approach taken here Tantra is about cultivating 3 qualities: Being Present, here and now; Being in Acceptance to yourself and to what IS; and Being Embodied - connected to your body & senses - where we actually experience life and where our life force and vitality reside. Once this foundation is in place, as the core essence of Tantra, now we can can talk about the bodywork aspects of Tantra - i.e. Tantra Massage in its modern forms.


Tantra Massage - Overview

Tantra Massage in its pure form, harmonizes body, mind, emotions and soul, and offers a sensitive, healing and sublime experience.
— Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita

For some people, bliss is as difficult to experience as pain is for others - this is an opportunity to increase your capacity for pleasure and increase your energetic alignment throughout the entire body. Additional benefits include overcoming emotional or physical patterns that might be holding you back in your relationships and sexuality, revitalizing and accelerating your spiritual growth.

Testimonial by Darshana Avila, USA/India 2016

In the meditative space between "traditional" massage and therapy, Tantra Massage offers you an opportunity to stop the day to day patterns, listen to your inner stillness, and observe the subtle movement of energy and sensations that cannot be expressed in words.

Developed from the Mystic Tantric traditions of the East by the school of Tantra Essence, the sessions offered here are designed to bring full presence to your emotional needs and desires, creating a safe and attentive space for you to explore your inner peace and expansion through a unique sequence of conscious touch.

It is an opportunity to discover deeper layers of your inner divine potential, increase your awareness and support your path of awakening as a passageway for personal transformation.

The Taoist Yin-Yang Tantra Massage

When I left your place I was feeling like suddenly all the knots inside me had loosened up.
Outside, I began to feel sensations more clearly - the breeze, the sunlight. I felt like my inner pace had slowed down... Suddenly the noise was in the background... It was like I’m seeing things for the first time. For the first time, I didn’t keep checking my phone! The flowers were beautiful. It was a lovely day and I was very present in it...
— Purnima, India, 2016

Offered to both Men and Women, this tantra massage is a full body experience suitable for beginners or more experienced receivers. It is designed to increase your sensual vitality by helping you awaken and refine your awareness to the more subtle sensations and energetic flow. It includes a unique and structured sequence in which the touch energizes your sensuality without expecting anything in return, moves the energy throughout your body to balance it, and increases your capacity to contain it and use it in your day to day.

It is a dance of touch alternating in a magical flow between the feminine light & arousing touch (the Yin) and the masculine grounding & supporting one (the Yang). It includes movements, pauses and breaks along the Chakra and Meridian systems in which your body receives an opportunity to start healing itself in a meditative and therapeutic setting, rather than the mind trying to do so while grasping to such a result. These pauses & breaks create an independence from the touch so that you can carry this awareness and energy flow into your everyday.

There is no attachment to a specific outcome from this massage other than helping you be more present and connected to your body with self acceptance and love. Nonetheless, there are many "side effects" to this massage that are specific to what your body needs the most - a "bonus" outcome if you like empowering you and your path in a mystically customized way. You can read about these outcomes in the words of other people who have already received this massage...

This massage allowed me to reach new levels in my relationship with the man I was with. I was able to open up with him totally about this sexual pain - pain that I was hiding and unable to say to myself before, let alone having said it out loud and to a partner. This allowed me to be so raw, authentic and present, we had the most unbelievable, mind-blowing connection the day after my massage with Boaz, and it is all thanks to Boaz’s massage! Beyond that relationship, I have been able to bring this healing and authenticity to everyone I encounter and every relationship I engage in - from that with my parents and family and friends to that with a sexual partner. I feel more joy, happiness, presence - have more confidence in voicing what makes me feel uncomfortable, what I need and what I want, whereas before being vocal “in bed” was very difficult for me.
— A.G, NYC/Delhi, 2014
It was an amazing experience. Embodying, emotional, freeing, empowering and spiritual. Boaz made me feel safe, held, respected, appreciated and loved. The room was filled with compassion and energy.
I have not met anyone with a presence like Boaz and I feel that it is his essence & spirit that facilitates such a space for healing and awareness. I will definitely have another session with him. I already feel less armored against my own trauma and I feel safe to inhabit my whole body. From my heart I am grateful. It was a beautiful, joyful and insightful experience :)
— Georgia, Ireland, 2015

THE Kashmiri Shiva-Shakti Advanced TANTRA MASSAGE

A unique and mystical structured sequence that moves you between polarities - The masculine-feminine polarity, and the child-adult one - in order to re-align your present awareness and heal past wounds. .

Kashmiri massage testimonial by Ronja Sebastian, Ibiza 2015

Between the polarities of the masculine and the feminine - the Shiva and Shakti - this sequence uses the sensual tension we tend to associate with our sexuality, to hold space for the receiver to be more in line with her body and sensuality. It is a "yummy" experience in which, for a change, this type of sensual touch, does not want anything in return. While we tend to usually associate this attentive and present touch to lovers or partners, we usually never give ourselves the gift of receiving it in a setting that is all about you. This focus enables you to notice, observe and heal any negative patterns that are related to these associations in the body, emotions or mind.

This session also alternates between the secure & embracing touch usually associated with the safety of being children, with sensual touch we tend to associate with sexuality. In this way, the massage moves you between Childhood and Adult Sexuality patterns in a way that balances them and integrates them into your body in a healthy way.

This session ends around the face integrating the full sequence in a magical and mystical way and send you off into the world with new eyes and sensational awareness.

Pre-Massage sessions

If you prefer a 1:1 session with Boaz in person, but feel that you're not ready for a full Tantra Massage session yet, you can contact Boaz here and request to book one of the shorter Sexual Empowerment "Pre-Massage" sessions such as:

  • Chakra Balancing (for men/women) - Re-sensitizing, aligning your life force energy flow, releasing blocks and highly relaxing.

  • Energetic-Intuitive Touch Session - a first step to gradually bring awareness to the body through intuitive, conscious healing touch.

  • Hara (Solar plexus) healing for Men - Balancing the masculine journey between vulnerability and Power.

If you're new to Tantra or would like to explore it first from the safety of your home
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