About Boaz Capsouto

My religion is to live and die without regret
— Milarepa

Boaz is passionate about understanding the human inner landscape, cultivating collective transformation and personal evolution, and supporting others who have chosen to set off on a similar journey.

Intrigued by the powerful interaction between love, awareness, body & mind, and how they manifest in our everyday life, Boaz sees life as a journey of breaking through habitual patterns, liberating ourselves from their grip and learning how to walk through life in a more awake and human way. Living our fullest potential can be achieved by a practice of self-remembrance, healing and awakening, reached by cleaning our vessel; shedding the unnecessary layers that blind us from our deeper divine essence.

In his approach to Tantra & Awakening he feels called to help people cultivate 3 major qualities usually lacking in our modern life: Acceptance of ourselves and others, Re-connecting to our bodies (and re-claiming them), and becoming as present as possible to what is, now. He Integrates these principles both in his work and personal life regularly, using a variety of modalities.

Boaz has a diverse background and has trained with the best teachers all around the world. One could say that his path of awakening is an integration of Sufi practices, a Non-duality mindset, a Buddhist approach, a Feminist background and Tantric bodywork.

Boaz is part of the team at Akhaldans - a Fourth Way school founded by Akash Dharmaraj - dedicated to awakening into our essence, the school's mindset is highly integrative and includes a variety of ancient Sufi wisdom and modern psychotherapy approaches. In that scope Boaz has been practicing the Gurdjieff sacred movements on a regular basis, has been organizing Sacred dance retreats all over the world and resonates deeply with the School's transmission.

As a Tantra practitioner Boaz holds qualifications from the school of Tantra Essence and Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita who's work he also supported as an assistant in her Mystic Tantra Massage courses and in festivals around the world. 

Boaz has over 10 years of experience as a social & gender activist, sexual educator, facilitator for a rape crises center and an expert on workplace sexual harassment and gender power dynamics. He also has an extensive business background as an HR consultant and global innovation facilitator dedicated to helping executives dive into their unknown and break through thinking patterns as a way to cultivate creativity and organizational evolution.

In the Tantra Massage & Sexual Empowerment work, he offers to support your awakening by creating a unique space for healing the body and for de-programming the body-mind patterns stored on a cellular level. Patterns that tend to control and shape our lives around sexuality, desire, shame, guilt, confidence, relationships and more. Supporting the healing of past traumas and re-sensitizing our body is the key to becoming sexually empowered beings, connected and vital.

As a Holistic Mentor, he offers a highly integrated guidance through a framework individually tailored for you to accelerate your journey and support your expansion. 

He practices Sufi and Buddhist inner work on a regular basis and is also a Brainwave Entrainment explorer. He integrates cutting edge technologies with "mystic" practices and brings a variety of western paradigms from psychology to feminism into his work with eastern modalities and non-duality teachings.

Boaz is deeply inspired by the transmission and teachings of: Gurdjieff, Adyashanti, Osho, Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, Shantam Nisarga, Bruce Lyon, Sheikha Khadija, Akash Dharmaraj, Amiyo Devienne, and the teachings of the Buddha as presented by Allan Wallace and Venerable Robina Courtin. 


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