Why am I doing this?

Because it's time to talk about what really Matters

Here are a few videos that express the essence of my motivation to offer what I do around our sexuality and awakened relating, in a pretty eloquent manner.


There's a collective shift gradually happening in our gender dynamic awareness and people-to-people relating-ship, that I feel strongly part of.
Our Sexual Equity is not something we develop every now and then, just like love and truth aren't. It's something you cultivate and cherish, in yourself and others, every single minute of your daily life, awake.


“Man enough” - Men talk about what it is to be a man…

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Everything offered on this site has supported me at some point of my journey.
In relationships or out of them,
On the top of the world and in dire heartbreak and challenge,
At home with family or half way around the world.
When something was out of alignment inside me, there were others there to support me in amazing, mystical and practical ways.

So, I'm here to offer you the same - support, nourishment and integration... from the center of my heart.


Creating the new paradigm around sexuality and communication with DR Jenn