" It was an amazing experience. Embodying, emotional, freeing, empowering and spiritual. Boaz made me feel safe, held, respected, appreciated and loved... " 

~ Georgia, Ireland, 2015

" I had a few massage sessions with Boaz (Taoist and Kashmiri). Boaz is blessed with a powerful yet gentle and reassuring masculine energy. Our sessions were an opportunity for me to be more open, more present, more connected to my body and my senses. In every moment I felt safe and supported in my journey. I unreservedly recommend massage sessions with Boaz to any woman who would like to access deeper levels of knowledge of herself and her sexuality. "

 E.A., Dublin, Ireland, 2016

"... a massage session that exceeded expectations and that was definitely remarkable for two reasons: First and above all, the quality of energy that Boaz transmits properly framed by a touch protocol and a sense of respect and dedication that promoted me a state of deep relaxation. Secondly, the after effect of the massage. The state of relaxation lasted for days: speaking slower and lower, more quietly thought and feeling everything around much more light. I strongly recommend to whom experience it not only to fully trust on receiving a session but that after the massage seeks space to promote the appreciation of that profound state of quietness that can lead to powerful insights. Grateful that our paths have crossed... "

Sofia Tavares Nunes, Ericeira, Portugal, 2016


"I enjoyed the sessions and found them healing and very relaxing. They brought me into my body and I felt the healing process continued for a few days after the massage. Boaz is a gifted masseur and very knowledgeable."

~ James Madden, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Dublin, Ireland, May-July 2016

"Dear Boaz, 

I want to thank you once again, from my heart, for that wonderfully healing session. I've been having some deep body and spirit experiences in the days since then. When I left I was feeling like suddenly all the knots inside me had loosened up. Outside, I began to feel sensations more clearly - the breeze, the sunlight. I felt like my inner pace had slowed down. The whole ride back I was involuntarily smiling. I had an awareness that I was the same as all the trees and the birds and everyone in the traffic. Yes there was pollution & noise too but I was able to pick & choose the sensations I wanted. Suddenly the noise was in the background and I was concentrating more on the sky & trees.

The next morning it was like I'm seeing things for the first time. For the first time, I didn't keep checking my phone! The flowers were beautiful. It was a lovely day and I was very present in it. I sat on a bench and did some breathing with my eyes shut. It was a beautiful feeling. Even though thoughts were rushing about, I was able to not scold myself and return to breathing :) Again I felt as if I was functioning on a different body-clock as compared to other people. But I was loving this slowing down because it allowed me to feel every sensation - including colors, details of flowers and grass on the ground, and warmth of sunlight. This day was special; I will not forget it in a hurry :) Yesterday was a full day working day but I spent some time doing breathing with eyes closed... I had a lot of energy for the day…

Overall, I feel like something has started inside me - a new body-level awareness, which I haven't had before and which I am finding so amazing. I feel like I am touching the tip of something. I'm still fascinated with what happened in the session!

With gratitude, Purnima"      ~ Purnima Rao, New-Delhi, India, 2016


" Before this massage I didn't know that it would be so simple to have so many different full body orgasms with just a massage. I am feeling the whole energy being channeled from bottom to top and vice versa. It is as if it is circulating through my whole body and so relaxing and loving. I would recommend that every woman should try this massage at least once in her life. Love, Srishati ".

~ Srishati Singhal, New-Delhi, India, 2014

“ Despite being in a healthy and incredible relationship, I had feelings of sexual pain from societal and personal spaces that were still bubbling up; perhaps, precisely because I was in a healthy relationship to a level and extent that I had never experienced before in my life. Boaz allowed me to reach new levels in my relationship with the man I was with. I was able to open up with him totally about this sexual pain - pain that I was hiding and unable to say to myself before, let alone having said it out loud and to a partner.

This allowed me to be so raw, authentic and present, we had the most unbelievable, mind-blowing connection the day after my massage with Boaz, and it is all thanks to Boaz’s massage!

Beyond that relationship, I have been able to bring this healing and authenticity to everyone I encounter and every relationship I engage in - from that with my parents and family and friends to that with a sexual partner. I feel more joy, happiness, presence - have more confidence in voicing what makes me feel uncomfortable, what I need and what I want, whereas before being vocal “in bed” was very difficult for me. 
Boaz created an environment where I felt so at ease. It was so unbelievably liberating and freeing to have someone touching me in an intimate way but knowing that they would not cross any line, knowing that they were totally in tune with my body and my comfort level, and would not violate our understanding and cross the bounds of our relationship. I was able to totally relax, unafraid of his touch and gaze. 


I cannot say enough good things about Boaz as a person and his amazing ability to give these healing massages. If you haven’t booked a session with him, you are doing yourself a disservice! 

A.G, NYC / New Delhi, 2014