I'm Boaz, Thank you for dropping by :)

My work is really not about me at all. It's about the greater unknown, and how we know it... 

It's about you, your well-being, your light, your healing, your empowerment. Because it's through the sharing of Dharma, kindness and presence, when we hold space for others, that we enhance their journey and help them flourish - This is a place to help you re-connect to your body, your senses, remember your full potential, release old wounds and tap deeper into your own divine power.

We are all students on this path, and therefore the foundation of what I offer is intended to support your personal evolution, as much as others have supported me along the way. It is about being in service of the greater plan and how it moves through you, through us all. It is a calling, to be in service, to support your journey, your voice, your expansion, your healing, your power, your grace, your purpose and your happiness.


Overview - Tantra, Awakening & Transformation

Tantra Massage & Advanced Sexual Empowerment


Group work

The methods & techniques offered here to enhance your journey include cutting edge technologies such as Light healing & Brainwave Entrainment, Mystic Touch & Tantra Massage, Holistic Mentoring, Sexual Empowerment & Trauma healing, and Sacred Dance retreats.

I had the pleasure of hosting and hanging out with Boaz on his latest visit to Portugal. I was charmed by his wisdom, empathy, clarity and ability to dismantle tensions to everyone’s content. I was fascinated by his dedication and excellent quality of his massage work, and the holistic, flawless ethics of how he does it. Boaz is a loving, committed and extremely motivating man. I recommend his work without reservation!
— Maria, Lisbon, Portugal, May 2016



You might be asking yourself, how is tantra related to awakening and transformation? 

In this approach they are all one: vessels to increase happiness, well-being, acceptance, presence and awareness.

Tantra means many different things to many different people. I find the Tibetan approach one that resonates most with the work offered here - Tantra is a set of practices, designed to accelerate your path of awakening & personal liberation.

is Tantra all about sex?  Very far from it. Tantra is related to your mere existence as a sensual being. The different practices in Tantra are tools for refining your awareness to your sensations & sensuality, learn to use them as a vessel for transformation. The associations we tend to make between sensuality and sexuality are a product of our modern life and might be one of the reasons Tantra is so often misunderstood. If approached with care, applying tantric practices to your life entails the potential of breaking through patterns that might be associated with sexuality and might be holding you  back - for example: emotional, physical and thought patterns around shame, guilt, judgement, fear. Learning to re-program these patterns, address their deeper cause, heal and release them, can be an incredible doorway to personal development and a happier, healthier life.


Tantra Massage is one little practice within the whole Tantra landscape. In is an adaptation of traditional principles from ancient (mostly eastern) traditions to our needs and lifestyle in modern times. The tantra massage offered here is a subtle version of tantra massage that focuses on your sensuality rather than your sexuality, enabling you to dip your toes into Tantra for the first time if you're a beginner, or go deeper into your most subtle sensations if you are already experienced.

Massage review by Anya Andreeva, LiveLoveRaw.com

 It is an invitation to let go, connect to your body, re-sensitize yourself, cultivate self-acceptance & love, and learn to be more present rather than a prisoner of future anxieties or past wounds... and it does so through a structured sequence of touch developed exactly for that.

In other words, it supports your journey of being here, feeling good and connected... every day, along the day, in a more alive and awakened state.

Read more about the full length tantra massage sessions offered - for beginners or advanced...


Advanced Sexual Empowerment is where the Meditative & Tantric practices of the Ancient wisdoms meet the Women's Empowerment and Sexual Liberation movement of the 20th century. In practice, Sexual Empowering bodywork is about re-sensitizing yourself, understanding and transforming the negative emotional memories stored in your physical body on a cellular level. These memories could be associated with sexual shame, trauma, guilt, desires, pleasure, and more. This type of bodywork usually includes mapping, re-sensitizing, healing and activating your sexuality on a cellular level so that you can tap into your sensual essence in a more complete way. This work is offered if you wish to advance beyond a traditional tantra massage, into healing of deeper emotional wounds, or if you're interested in learning to use your desires and sexuality as a doorway to a more comprehensive personal liberation.


If you're interested in Sexual Empowerment bodywork for beginners ask for one of the shorter "Introductory" session as a taster: Chakra Balancing, Energetic-Intuitive Touch session or Hara (Solar Plexus) Healing.


Holistic Mentoring is a complementary offer here to support your journey of awakening. It includes the cognitive aspect of this work and gives it a holistic context and framework. The Mentoring can address any questions or challenges you might be experiencing around sexuality, love, relationships, money, your spiritual path or career. It is about connecting the dots, helping you understand your experiences in the big picture, and offering guidance in a customized way, tailored specifically for you.


The mentoring is based on a wide range of experience, from business mentoring, group facilitation, social activism and gender education, to personal practices such as Sufi whirling, Gurdjieff sacred dance and non-duality teachings, all in order to support your journey with a new way to see your world. This support is designed to provide you with a greater degree of freedom and a higher sense of alignment and inner harmony. You can use this mentoring to accelerate your general awakening, or to address a specific issue which you find challenging.

If you feel you need a deeper understanding of the experience on which this mentoring is based, read more about Boaz here or visit his linkedin profile here, depending through which glasses you prefer to look :)

Group work

We live in a world of relating-ships... To support your individual work and accelerate it, integrating your experience and growth with group work is a crucial part of your awakening, and it helps raise collective consciousness. Some prefer to start in a group and gradually dive into individual work, whereas others prefer the group work as the second stage. In any case, you have a many possibilities to explore the collective space of awakening through a variety of group activities available to support the work offered here:

Talks & Educational work - "Tantra Talk Q&A" for adults about Tantra, Awareness, Love and Sexuality - connecting all the dots on what might interest you the most.

Also available: "Sexual Education" Talks for teenagers are offered on a regular basis and are customized to suit a specific audience of your preference.

Festivals - Supporting the teachings and workshops in festivals, as a healer, is a primary way of holding space for others in the process of their exploration and awakening in a larger group setting.

Retreats & Courses - supporting your journey of awakening through deep and profound group work - at this point mainly through Gurdjieff Sacred Dances organized in India, Portugal, and Israel - learning to contain your energy and break your automatic patterns. 

For a list of activities, retreats, festivals and talks in which I'm engaged, please visit the calendar here.