It's been my honor and luck, along this journey, to learn from inspiring masters, train with exquisite teachers, and grow with amazing colleagues and practitioners who I dearly recommend all around the world and with whom I resonate deeply.

Of them, I have special Gratitude to the school of "Tantra Essence" and its founder Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, and to Bruce Lyon, Shantam NisargaTaki'h Antigoni Dhyandeepa and Shashi Solluna.

Infinite love and appreciation to the one-of-a-kind teacher of life, Sufi, therapist, supervisor and woman Akash Dharmaraj Founder of the Akhaldans 4th way school of Sufi and Gurdjieff wisdom - A unique presence and transmission of both life and essence itself. 

And... a significant role in my expansion was also offered by the teachings of Adyashanti, Alan Wallace, Gurdjieff, Osho, Sheikha Khadija and Tushita meditation center and their unique transmission.

These inspiring special humans have shared and integrated wisdom from a variety of modalities such as Tantra & Sexuality, Sufism, Buddhism, Non-duality, bodywork, creativity, women's empowerment and more... All of them have contributed immensely to my personal liberation and happiness. If only they could do the same for you, my work here would be done ;-)

And with Alan Watts' inspiring words, I hope you enjoy your journey,

With love and gratitude <3


You evoke light out of the universe...