Hi, I'm Boaz. Sometimes I wonder how I got here. Then I reflect and remember :) This is it, more or less...

You could say I'm fascinated with awakening in all its forms. 
I find that life is about seeing beyond our patterns and embracing the unknown. Once our life is less controlled by our automatic patterns, and we know how to embrace and love the uncertainty of the next moment, then we are fully awake and alive, here, now.
How did I get here, and how does this all integrate with everything I do and offer - Truth, Love, Awareness, Relationships, Intimacy, Tantra, Touch, Healing, Trauma, Sexual empowerment, non-duality, Buddhism, Gurdjieff Sacred dances, and so much more?
Well, here's one version of what brought me to where I am today... and if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a line personally,

Early years

I started my way like many of us, growing up in a fairly liberal house yet with very little guidance about sexuality, sensuality or touch. Gender equality at its core was something I was exposed to from the start, but for some reason it didn’t include guidance of the deepest and most mature versions of intimacy, the kinds that cannot be expressed in words.
From the day I remember myself, I've adored the feminine and the feminine was around me often. In my early years I usually met her with confusion and fear, not knowing how to handle myself around her energy, her grace, her love, her depth. And I would become overwhelmed or paralyzed around her in her different expressions - physical, mystical, spiritual, flowing - grounded or elated, vulnerable or overflowing, direct or implied.
I couldn't find the balance inside myself, between the forces of “Shakti” and “Shiva” and all of their magic. I was taught to let my mind lead more than my heart and body, and I quickly learned how to disconnect from my body in order to survive and "succeed" in this world, as a man, and as a person.
Obviously these were both immature expressions of feminine and masculine which have evolved greatly since.

The evolution of waking up

It took a few significant wake-up calls from the universe to help me see what I actually value in life, and what is important, beyond gender, race, religion or nationality. What success means, to me, to others. What true power is all about, when it is generated from the heart without force. As I evolved, my timid approach towards the feminine subsided, and gave way to healthier forms of admiration and interaction - of holding, surrender, deep truth and authenticity, grounding and ecstasy which are impossible to describe, a magical field of intimacy and love, a meeting place “beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing” (Rumi).  

Professional sexuality & Gender empowerment

My first professional encounter with sexuality and sensuality started over 15 years ago, when I felt called to volunteer in a rape crisis center educating youth on issues of sexual abuse and trauma. It was quite a process into the depth of pain and trauma we hold as a collective. It was also a powerful glimpse into the everyday reality of being a woman, every woman, and surprisingly, quite a few men too. All of a sudden, the dark side of sexuality was everywhere, I had a new pair of eyes and there was no way of shutting them. 
Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I would say this was my first significant step into awakening..
This experience and what followed, were the beginning of a journey where I gradually started to integrate my professional life with my passions: Along with a colleague I developed an organizational consultancy focused on helping corporations cope with gender power dynamics and sexual harassment. The different aspects of my being started to come into alignment.

Personal body-mind-heart evolution

All along, I kept evolving in my personal life- learning to drop deeper into the body, learning the value of the body-mind relationship, and the healing of going beyond labels and words, beyond the old paradigms of thought and achievements, into spaces of vitality, acceptance, awareness and deep connection. 
For a few years, I kept being reminded, day in and day out, professionally, of the huge gap that exists between what people want and what they know how to express maturely. When it came to sexual attraction, feminine energy, masculine presence, love or compassion, I found that most of us, including myself, get lost in a turmoil of anxiety, fear, shame, blame, attachments, anger, suppression, jealousy, and much more. 
I discovered that this gap was even more present in our personal lives and lifestyles; that so many of us feel trapped in it, but don't know how to break free from our own mental prison, or just that we are too afraid to take the first steps.

Breaking out of prison & Being in service

It became clearer to me, that somehow, as a collective, we need to start closing this gap, and that the only way to do so is to learn, at its source, about sexuality, sensuality, intimacy and touch which then create a way to enter into a deeper awareness, truth and love.
From that point on, the signs and experiences inviting me to wake up, to accelerate my evolution, became more and more present everywhere I looked. So I learned to listen to them, and am still learning, with every step of the way. They have shown me how to let go in a variety of ways, how to surrender to the path, to truth, to the unknown and to love in its purist forms.
And, I was lucky to be able to start sharing this with others, supporting their evolution as well, all along the way.

I have had the privilege of educating youth in a variety of gender programs from sexual trauma to work equality. 
In the corporate landscape I've helped organizations with gender issues and sexuality, I've had the honor to facilitate and support innovation projects in a variety of fields, I’ve trained leadership teams on how to break through thinking patterns systematically and to become less fearful of the unknown, creating fields of more freedom and more possibilities.
I've received personal guidance and trained with some of the best teachers and psychotherapists in the world.
And I am humbled and grateful for this every single step I take.

I learn most when I give back

I will always be a student on this journey, breaking through the automatic patterns personally and collectively, continuously growing deeper into acceptance and love - cleansing the doors of perception, closing the gaps.
In most of my exploration, I’ve learned, that when I am in service of others’ awakening and transformation, my own journey has the most value, because everything is inter-related, inter-connected, and we are all climbing this mountain together :)
Therefore, as part of my journey, I offer you support in yours - in your awakening, healing and acceptance, where so many angels support me in various ways.
It is my humble contribution, and it's the least I can offer. 

Hope for the future

As I see it, women are our future, along with mature present men to support them. The feminine, when truly integrated with the masculine, in their mature versions as they can exist inside each and every one of us, are our hope for peace and love, for a collective and global transformation. It's that simple, and simple things matter.
It's my pleasure to be of service.
With love

Prayer of the mothers for peace in the middle east.

Women of the world unite project


List of official training in chronological order

  • Sexual Abuse Education training - Rape Crises center Jerusalem

  • School of Tantra Essence - founded by Ma Ananda Sarita

    • Mystic Massage Training - Taoist/Kashmiri Tantra Massage - student & staff

    • Deep Tantra Touch training with Sarita & Robert Silber

    • Couples Tantra course

    • Personal supervision and guidance

  • Tao Tantric Arts - founded by Shashi Solluna

    • Darkness Taoist tantric training

    • Tantric pilgrimage to the temples of Khajuraho w Shashi Solluna & Dhyan Niten

  • Shamanic Sexuality with Bruce Lyon & Shakara

    • Sacred union training

    • Personal development, initiation & guidance

  • Buddhist Intro trainings + Vipassana retreat

  • Sufi & Gurdjieff

    • Mevlevi meditation & whirling - Sheikah Khadija

    • Gurdjieff Sacred Dance intensive with Amiyo Devienne

  • Fourth Way (Gurdjieff) - Akhaldans School of awakening founded by Akash Dharmaraj

    • Gurdjieff Sacred Dances & Fourth Way framework - ongoing

    • Personal guidance & supervision

    • Faculty member & Business Partner

  • Business & Corporate - please see LinkedIn profile here