Different stages of our menstrual cycle evoke different energies within us, affecting our body, emotions, mind, sexuality, etc. What if you connected to different aspects (Archetypal energies) of the sacred feminine based on your menstrual cycle, supporting you to connect to the Divine, and to become whole again? What if you understood your menstrual cycle as part of the greater rhythm and cycles of life, reflected in the moon cycle, the cycle of the seasons and nature, and your whole life cycle? What if you could tap into the inherent wisdom, great treasures, immense beauty, magic and mystery that your womb holds for you? What would your life feel like? What would your life look like? Come and find out!

I am almost a hundred years old, waiting for the end and thinking about the beginning. There are things I need to tell you, but would you listen if I told you how...?
— the Crone to the Maiden

What’s this retreat all about?

What does it mean to be a woman? What does it mean to have a womb? What does sisterhood mean to you? What have you discovered? What have you embraced? What remains to be included, loved, made conscious?

The Womb! A deep and sacred place we have in common as women. All that is sustainable and life giving is created, nurtured and manifested from the womb space. Whether it is a child, a project, a relationship, or a dream. We as women give birth to humanity, and that in itself is a sacred act! We were the original keepers of time, the guardians of the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. As barers of life we are directly connected to the most powerful and sacred act in existence through our womb center: creation! Its time to remember, reconnect, and reclaim it fully!

What mysteries have you unveiled, embodied, integrated through your womb? What energies still yearn to be cultivated, nourished, expressed, lived, integrated? What wounds do you still carry in your body, your heart, your mind, your womb, your soul? What do you need so that you can live your fullest potential? The womb is a portal to the Divine and to an abundance that is your birth right, should you choose to access it.

This retreat is dedicated to embodying your full potential! YES!!!

Is this for me?

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This is for you if you wish to become aware of projections; bring to light and heal wounding around femininity, self-love, your body, sensuality and sexuality; address unsatisfying or unhealthy behavioural patterns; honour and value your needs, desires and voice; remove layers of conditioning which repress the expression of your true nature; receive guidance from your internal wisdom and intuition; empower your feminine energy and strength; live in harmony and flow with the cycles of life and receive support from the rhythms of nature; connect with the higher and divine qualities of The Goddess within each of us; and know yourself as a Soul with a purpose in this life.

About the teacher: Taki’h Antigoni Dhyandeepa

A Tantrica, woman, soul, teacher and student of life & essence, Taki’h is probably one of the most authentic & integrated teachers out there today following embodiment and truth as her uncompromising guides. From her ivy league education in Sexual and Reproductive health, to the 7th Ray Mystery School and Soul Community she is part of in NZ, Taki’h offers a space for healing and empowerment rarely encountered. With her ancestral routs embedded deeply in Bolivia and Greece, Taki’h has trained with the best teachers and modalities world wide. Names like Bruce Lyon, Ananda Sarita, Akash Dharmaraj, John Hawkens, Diana Richardson (Puja), and Daniel Odier are all intensely up there in her highly professional spiritual CV. Her work integrates embodied experience and knowledge both modern and ancient, from Shamanic and 4th-way paths she’s explored intensely as well as Yoga and Vipassana which she practices regularly, to Modern methods such as BioDynamic Breath and Trauma Release; Primal and Childhood Deconditioning; Sexual Deconditioning; Transactional Analysis tools; and Tantra Massage.

Taki’h has been leading international groups of all genders in more than 15 countries in the last decade, from Spain to China & Kazakhstan, Argentina to Turkey, the US to Finland & the UK. We are lucky that she is now offering her work for the first time in Portugal!

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A message from Taki’h

I have had a menstrual cycle for 32 years now. The overwhelming majority of it I have lived unconsciously. I first started to bleed when I was 9. The impression I got was that my cycle was something to fear (getting pregnant), and that it was a burden (staining my pants accidentally, cramps, embarrassment/ being different). And that was the imprint I carried for the majority of these 32 years. When I began to realize that there are so many treasures, so much wisdom, in having a cycle, in having a womb, my first feeling was sadness, for all the time lost. Then absolute awe and wonder, for what I could still explore deeply for myself. My life has completely transformed since then! This is why I created this body of work. So that other women can also experience their cycles and their womb in their full potential. And so that eventually a different imprint gets passed on to younger women and girls, and to men and boys too, to the next generations. That the menstrual cycle and the womb are sacred, full of treasures and gifts, wise, magical, aligned with the rhythm of life, the cycles of the moon and the earth and our lives. Far, far from being a burden!

It’s never too late or too early to connect to this truth within you!

I developed the work I share based on the different frameworks I have trained in, worked with, and healed from. I spent over two decades of my life, feeling it would have been easier and better if I had been born in a man’s body instead, and the idea that divine qualities exist in human beings was completely foreign to me. It has been a deeply profound and beautiful journey for me to accept, love and celebrate myself as a woman and as a soul. The work I share reflects the highlights and essence of this journey.

I know exactly what it is like to feel wounded, lost, confused, frustrated, broken and contracted. I know what it is like to deal with sexual abuse, rape, violence, drug use, and all kinds of other unhealthy imprints leading to a sense of disconnection with your own body, heart and soul, with others, and with the divine. I too spent decades feeling insecure, and making decisions based on fear and the need for approval. From where I stand, I consider all of these experiences as gifts! And because I know the path from there to where I have reached now, I can help you do the same!

I look forward to meeting those who resonate with this call.
Blessings to you sister!

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I facilitate from a wisdom that comes from deep lived experience,
I have integrated into my being and into my work key, universal, life-lessons,
I embody a profound sense of freedom, love and purpose,
The work I share is a transmission of all of this,
And it is something EVERYONE can access within!

To read more about Taki’h you can:
Visit her website here
Check out her blog here,
Like her facebook page here.

About the Journey & approach

So what is the Womb Wisdom Journey all about?

It is a Journey to explore what it means to feel complete and in union within yourself, with the world around you, and with the divine; to learn how to tune into your womb's wisdom; and to embody the sacred feminine in your daily modern life!

You will explore the dark feminine and light feminine, and open up to the full potential and gifts your womb has to offer. You will discover the lessons, messages and treasures your cycle has to offer you, at the individual level and for the collective. You will look at the wounds, unfulfilled energies, or fears that you are holding in your womb, owning and letting go that which does not serve you. This is an opportunity to re-write the script from a Tantric perspective, with consciousness, love and sacredness. It is an opportunity to complete any energies which have been left incomplete. This is an invitation to live your fullest potential as a woman on the Tantric path, in your everyday life.

From my own experience and that of thousands of women I have worked with, I know that when we are in each other’s company consciously it is as if we are plugging directly into source, coming back home, feeling nourished, rejuvenated and empowered.

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This retreat includes:

· Shadow work: cleansing of unhealthy or unconscious patterns;
· Tuning into your womb cycle: opening to receive gifts and guidance from your womb to live as your authentic self, as a woman and as a soul;
· Sacred sexuality: experience your sexual flow even more deeply;
· Working with body image and self love;
· Learning how to tap into the wisdom of your body, including your yoni, and learning its language;
· A rite of passage ritual into the circle of sisters (an imprint sadly missing from women's lives in today's society);
· Setting healthy boundaries: recognizing and expressing your truth fully and freely (your yes and your no);
· Redefining what it means to you to be a woman and reclaiming it for yourself (instead of using borrowed definitions or adhering to an external definition);
· The Tantric version of sexual education you never got but should have (everyone should have it!)
· Healing the sisterhood wound: moving from insecurity, fear, competitiveness, and jealousy into a true, deep sense of belonging into sisterhood.

We will journey through:
· Rituals of initiation;
· Breath and movement work to enliven our bodies and tune into the wisdom they hold;
· Meditations to sensitize us to the subtle energy currents within and around us;
· Healing processes - to free us from past experiences that inhibit or restrict us;
· Dialoguing and Emotional Processing, re-writing parts of our script;
· Movement - to embody more freedom, and to celebrate and expand into our sensual and sexual nature;
· Conscious touch, bringing deep healing and transformation at the cellular level;
· Creative processes to access the deeper aspects of our being; and
· Practices and techniques to nourish and empower our sexuality

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Specific practices will be given to support you to continue to explore your Womb Wisdom when you are back at home. A “secret FB group” will be created which will include all participants who wish to join, so you can share about how your experiences, ask questions, or get support from me in particular.

YES, you can participate if you have had any of your reproductive organs removed or operated on (womb, fallopian tubes, cervix, etc)!
YES, you can still participate if you no longer have a cycle!
YES, you can still participate if you do not have a regular cycle!

In a circle of women meeting with the purpose of manifesting their true potential, we are able to enter a profound depth in healing, transformation and reawakening. This is a celebration of all that we truly are and were born to be! Do you want to experience the power, freedom, and pleasure of the Womb Wisdom Journey? Do you want to know what it means to walk the path of a Modern Tantric Woman? Then join us for this life-changing opportunity and not only experience this but anchor it deeply within your body, heart, and psyche, so that you are able to live it in your everyday life!

I look forward to supporting you in your journey!


“ T a k i ‘ h I s A m a z i n g. I was touched into tears… How someone can have such a deep and straight, and at the same time delicate and gentle way of working with these kind of subjects. – Working with life itself, working with the layers of being a human, working with how we grow into who we really are. If you have willingness to grow into your full potential, her workshops are something not to be missed. With her you have a change to take a step into that direction – or a giant leap, you choose.
H i g h l y recommended! Thank you Taki’h for your guidance and sharings.”
– Kiya, 42, Practitioner of Alternative Healing & Meditation

Kiya Finland round.jpg

Kiya, 42

“Taki’h took me on a journey that continues to unfold in my life. I had felt so disconnected from my cycle and womanhood. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, except an intuitive feeling that there was more to discover in my feminine body. I was so grateful for her deep well of wisdom, caring facilitation, and devotion to this work. After this work, I was left with the first ever desire for my monthly cycle to come, a deeper place of self acceptance, and a connection to tribe.” – Andrea, 34, Director of Development and Outreach for Global Youth Leadership NGO

Andrea 34 round.jpg

Andrea, 34

“Going through the Womb Journey Enchantress with Taki'h was one of the best decisions of my life. I felt a strong calling to enter this journey to learn more about myself as a woman. I felt really nervous before the journey, but with the support of Taki’h and all the wonderful sisters in the course I felt it was a safe space to explore myself. It challenged me to go out of my comfort zone, face some painful sexual memories from my past and let go of them. Through the many exercises, rituals and sharing with other sisters I got many insights about myself and my sexuality. I realized, this is just a beginning of a longer journey, that might just change my life for good. I feel really thankful to be part of the Womb Journey and would recommend everyone who wants to dig deeper into their sexuality to try a course by Taki'h.” – Woman, 29


Taki'h's presence is deep and grounded, feels like it's healing and guiding just to be with her. Her combination of knowledge, wisdom, experience and intuition is balanced and immense. I love the way Taki'h is straight forward, frank and honest, funny and beautifully lively. I appreciate how full and balanced she is in both her feminine and masculine, which is very important to me in a teacher. Taki'h is one of the most dedicated beings I've met to living this life as the true soul they are. She holds a magical space as a Facilitator, which is flowing and deep, intense and light at the same time.” – Katri, 30, Tantric Life Coach

For more testimonials visit Takih’s website here…



29.5-2.6.2019 (5 full days)

Start: Wednesday, May 29th at 10:00am with opening session (Registration will be open from 9:00am).
End: Sunday, June 2nd, at 18:00
The retreat is fully residential and includes 4 nights and 5 full days. For those who wish, there will be an option to book extra nights for 1 day before and after the retreat.


The primary language of the retreat will be English.
If you would like to register for the group but would need Portuguese or Spanish translation, please let us know.

The Venue - Quinta Da Enxara

Enxara is a wonderful venue designed for this type of inner work and exploration. Not only does it offer the privacy needed for such a retreat, it is surrounded by nature and its grounds include a private natural lake, Finnish Sauna, wonderful group spaces, indoor and outdoor spaces for contemplation, connecting or play, cozy accommodation and wonderful macrobiotic healthy cooking.
Enxara is a holistic community-run venue located only 45min from Lisbon Airport and has easy access and accommodation for both local and international participants. For more info about the venue see the accommodation section further down.


SPECIAL OFFER: €550 - only until December 31st 2018
Early Bird: €660 - until February 28th
Late bloomers: €770 - until April 30th
Regular price: €880

Retreat price includes:
All retreat days, activities and materials.
All Meals incl. 3 vegan-vegetarian healthy macrobiotic meals a day (starting with lunch on the 1st day and finishing with lunch of the last day).
Drinking water
Yoga mats, cushions, mattresses and much more.

Retreat price does NOT include:
Accommodation - see options in the accommodation section below.
Transfer to and from the venue (we help with shuttle service from the venue, taxi share and car pool).
breakfast on arrival day, dinner on the last day.



Reservation deposit: €350 (non-refundable). The remaining balance will be collected upon arrival in cash on the first day.

Cancellation Policy:
The deposit is non-refundable.
Cancellation before May 15th will carry no additional costs (if you’ve paid more than the deposit by this date you will be refunded fully minus the deposit and any cancellation fees).
Please note: Cancellation from May 15th and on, for any reason whatsoever, will be liable to 50% of the full retreat price including all extras such as accommodation.


This retreat is fully residential and includes a minimum of 4 nights starting on May 29th. We will be immersed in the middle of nature, away from the “habitual” life, and in our process of inner work.
The venue offers several accommodation types and we allocate accommodation on the basis of “first come first served”. If you have any special accommodation needs or requests please don’t hesitate to ask us. We can’t promise anything but we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Reservation of your accommodation is done as part of your retreat registration on the main registration form. Please note that all prices are the direct venue prices.

Private Room/Yurt

Private accommodation is extremely limited but available upon request. We allocate it according to special needs and availability. If you want or need private accommodation please mention it upon registration and we’ll do our best to reserve it for you.

Double room

Shared between 2 with en-suite bathroom, this option is limited.
Price: €120 pp for the entire retreat duration (4 nights starting May 29th).
Extra nights before/after: €27 per night per person including breakfast.
Price does not include extra meals which are available upon request.

Shared room (Fancy Dormitory)

Shared between 4-10 people (according to your registration date):
Price: €84 pp for the entire retreat duration (4 nights starting May 29th).
Extra nights before/after: €18 per night per person including breakfast.
Price does not include extra meals which are available upon request.

Your own tent / Trailer / CAMPER-VAN

Camping areas are all inside the venue grounds and are near the group room, dinning areas and other communal spaces.
Price: €52 pp for the entire retreat duration (4 nights starting May 29th).
Extra nights before/after: €13 per night per person including breakfast.
Price includes shared bathrooms and showers for all camping options.
Price does not include extra meals which are available upon request.
Price does not include towel, mattress, bedding or pillow.


  • The earlier you secure your space, the better. We do our best to allocate accommodation depending on time of registration, special needs and availability. Once you register you will receive an email confirming your registration and accommodation choice depending on availability.

  • Please bring your accommodation payment in cash as it will be collected on arrival.

  • Staying with Enxara community venue also requires that you sign the community association “standard visitor form” after which you can check in to your room and start relaxing into the space and into your-self.

Getting to the venue

For Venue Google Maps location click here


The nearest airport to the venue is Lisbon international airport, Portugal.
Taxis from Lisbon airport to the venue takes approx. 45min.
Closer to the retreat we will assist participants to coordinate shuttles from the venue and taxi share for participants upon request.

By Train/bus

coming soon…

By car

coming soon…


For more info or questions:

Contact Boaz by email: BoazTantra@gmail.com  or call/text on WhatsApp: +972-54-224-7707.
Closer to the retreat date a local +351 number will also be listed.