Tantra is often misunderstood and can be intimidating. It is important that you find your own way to feel safe and nurtured when exploring your sexuality and healing past trauma. For some, the ideal way to start is from the safety of your home, alone or with a partner. These online offerings have been carefully cherry-picked by Boaz, and are highly recommended as a safe and valuable way to embark on this journey.

If you're new to Tantra... 

You might feel like you only want to dip your tows in the water before exploring further. These two videos by Layla Martin are a great way to see what you might be getting yourself into.

Discover the power & beauty of Tantra online - for Women, Men and Couples.

For more by Layla Martin visit her Blog here.

The tantric institute of integrated sexuality

Layla Martin's exceptional online masterclasses for Women, Men and Couples offer you a safe and new way to explore Tantra independently on your own, before inviting your beloved in.

online courses

For women - Jade Pleasure & OBLISS Training

Discover a life filled with more passion and pleasure with Layla's 7-week wonderful Jade Egg Masterclass or OBLISS online training. Read more and register on Layla's Vlog here.

For men

Sexual Mastery training coming soon...

For couples

Coming soon...

Tantra Basics with Ma Ananda Sarita

Ma Ananda Sarita's online Master Lover course is a wonderful opportunity to learn the powerful basics of this vast field through one of it's common expressions. It offers a balanced blend between ancient tantra approaches that were re-introduced by Osho and further developed to help you connect to your sensuality and bliss in new and exciting ways.

And... the 30-day money back guarantee offers you a way to get a taste and see if you resonate before diving in fully.

Find your intuitive sisterhood for women

Ronja Sebastian is one of the more progressive teachers out there, empowering sexuality, women and people.

"Learn the orgasmic tips & tricks they never told us (girl, you're hardwired for pleasure – I'll show you how)..."

9 secrets to amazing sex and unlimited orgasmic potential Free video training


Also visit...

the Sensual Yogini Online Academy for women here 


a few more inspirational videos to help navigate these waters and get you started

again... Layla Martin - because she rocks! (and Andrew too ;-)

Light up your sex life with your partner - bring fun, communication and acceptance into your connection - we're all in this together, we all face the same walls, and we all have the same potential for infinite bliss.

Also visit Layla's Blog on The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

Discover more amazing things you can do with your sexual energy and tantra checkout Layla's upcoming men's and women's masterclasses: Sexual Mastery for men / Jade Pleasure for women.

"Of all the videos I have ever posted...this one makes me the most nervous to share. I'm going to talk about the way that people use "masculine" and "feminine." It's upset me for a while now... I'm telling you how I really feel, with no filter." ~ Layla Martin

Also visit Layla's Blog on The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.