A unique collaboration between
Kior Live sound healing
PandoraStar™ Deep Trance Light Machine
by awakening & Transformation


Light and Sound, the two main sources of vibrations in the universe, and in our awareness, have the potential to enhance your brain, inner peace and healing in mysterious and extraordinary ways. Beyond words, beyond concepts, beyond any traditional “therapy”.

When intentional light frequency meets live sound channeling of the purest kind, the effect on your neuron activity is enhanced and you are taken on a journey into your deepest essence and into consciousness itself. This can be used to gain enhanced clarity, healing, relaxation, focus, awareness, creativity, love, vitality and much more.

In this special collaboration, we have come together, Johnny White (Kior) and Boaz Capsouto, two deep seekers of truth and love, to be in in service of your journey of awakening.


Duration: 60-90min
Price: €120-€150
Location: Lagoa, The Algarve, Portugal
Number of people: 1-3 per session
(larger groups are possible on special terms)
Home sessions are possible throughout the Algarve for an extra of €50 per visit

Read more about Johnny White Kior Sound healing, Boaz Capsouto or PandoraStar

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Boaz - phone: +351-911-06-90-90 | whatsapp: +972-54-224-7707 (English/עברית)

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If you want to explore Brain-Wave activation & enhancement on your own
you can do it from anywhere with these
Audio BrainWave Shots.

This is highly recommend for daily use or before going to sleep. Use it for Inner peace, Tension release, Power-Napping, Focus, RE-Charge, Compassion and much more.

Disclaimer: Brainwave Entrainment is suitable for almost everyone and can significantly integrate with and enhance the benefit from other modalities - from receiving a massage to your own Dream Yoga practice. However, it is not suitable for people with a history of Epilepsy, heart conditions, psychiatric medication and during pregnancy. PandoraStar™ is intended to be used for recreational and research applications only and is not designed, sold or intended to be used as a medical device as defined in EU Directive 93/42/EEC, nor is it intended to be used for the treatment of disease. PandoraStar shall not be liable for any use other than pure recreational and research applications. PandoraStar has been EC tested and certified. To read more about how your brainwaves shape your reality we recommend a basic read for beginners here.