To secure your place in any of the workshops please fill in this short registration form below AND pay the deposit of 50% of the workshop price.
Please bring the remaining 50% of the payment on the day of the workshop in cash.
For full workshop description click here or go to the main fb event here.

Prices for online registration
1 workshop: €50 (deposit required €25)
2 workshops: €90 (deposit required €45)
3 workshops: €120 (deposit required €60)
4 workshops: €155 (deposit required €77.5)
5 workshops: €190 (deposit required €95)


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Pay deposit below After you Submit Your registration above

To secure your place in the workshops you’ve chosen, please pay the deposit below (50% of the reduced workshop price).
Please bring your remaining balance (50%) on the day of the workshop where it will be collected at the door.
If you've stated that you prefer to pay over bank transfer we'll send you bank details in the confirmation email which we will be sending to you shortly.

Payment for Weekend Workshops w Taki'h - March2019
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  • Paying here does not require a PayPal account - you can use any credit card or debit card commonly accepted but it’s best if you do so from a computer browsers (this option often doesn’t work from mobile devices for security reasons). Once you hit the "Buy Now" button you will be redirected to the payment page where the credit card logos should appear - follow the instructions for credit card and debit card payments there. If you prefer we can send you a direct payment request.

  • If you've already submitted your form once and just need to complete the payment just click "Buy now" below.

  • The deposit is non-refundable.

still have un-answered questions?

You can contact Boaz by email: or text/call: +351-91-106-9090 or WhatsApp +972-54-224-7707.