A message from Carol

When we feel a deep inner resonance to a spiritual path we sometimes wonder “Is this something I am called to share?” The exploration of this question can lead us into deepening our personal understanding and practice and, perhaps, into a new turn in our life’s path.

An integrative approach to the transformation of human potential, the 4th Way requires long, disciplined study by those called to serve as vessels of transmitting this wisdom by sharing it in different ways with the people they meet and work with. We must continually develop our own potential in each of the three centers -- Intellectual, Emotional and Physical – while sharing, observing and affecting our fellow travelers’ paths with their unique combinations of strengths and challenges. Working with and for others as we work on ourselves can lead to the presence necessary to share the 4th Way ideas and practices with compassion.

The objective of the extended training following the Movements Intensive is to begin or resume this personal and shared exploration. It requires a commitment to deep confidentiality and a willingness to probe for and then push at the leading edges of your own Work with 4th Way concepts, emotional literacy, and physical practices to increase attention and presence. My hope is that it will lead to a growing group of individuals working with me over the coming years to become the next generation of Akhaldans practitioners, some of whom might also become facilitators.

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Prerequisites for the program

1. Attendance at the main 5-day retreat. Carol will use that retreat to begin the training.
2. An interview with Carol before the main retreat. By phone, WhatsApp, any other format.
3. A sincere wish to transform yourself and, in so doing, to gain experience that others might benefit from.
4. An understanding that this training will NOT provide any certificate or license to teach. It will begin a process that you will use to determine if and when you are ready to share and in what way.


Location: Karuna meditation center, Portugal.
Dates: August 3rd-5th, 2020 (Monday-Wednesday)
Structure: 2.5 days, 3 nights (August 3,4,5) - after the end of the 5-day retreat, we will have a break of half a day on August 2nd night and August 3rd morning and noon. We will commence the work with Carol on Monday, August 3rd after lunch.
Arrival/Departure: Please make sure to stay at Karuna at least until the evening of Wednesday, August 5th. You can leave on August 5th before dinner, after we finish the work. If you’d like, you can choose to stay on till Thursday, August 6th morning for an additional cost.
Price: €200 all included (if you stay an extra night on Wednesday, August 5th the price is €235)
Language: The primary language of this program is English. 
Note: This extended retreat is offered to a maximum group size of 8 participants, so the earlier you secure your place the better.

To secure your place

1. Make sure to register to the full 5-day retreat online like everyone else - you can find all the details on the website here and you can register on the form here.
2. Pay the deposit of €250 - preferably over bank transfer. This helps with the cash flow and all the expenses we have so far required to make this magic happen :) You can send the deposit in EUR, USD or ILS.
3. Let us know in your registration form or over email please that you would like to register to the full 8-days.
4. After this is completed, we will assist you to Schedule (with my help) an interview with Carol.
5. Once accepted, you’ll have to pay the full participation fee for the extended days of €200-€235. This payment is non-refundable.

For any questions please feel free to reach out over email: akashretreats@gmail.com, WhatsApp: +972-54-224-7707 or phone: +351-911-06-90-90

With love <3
Carol, Boaz and the team

About the Dances

Highly original, charismatic and mystical, these dances are designed to balance the different sources of energy within us. Creating a harmony between the body, the mind and the emotions. The results are a unique inner centering, a new sense of inner rhythm, a relaxed alertness, a natural silence and grace… leading to a higher level of consciousness & presence. Each movement has its own music & the beautiful, haunting melodies & rhythms enhance the process. The movements are placed within the context of a larger philosophical ideology… the Fourth Way… which is the way of the Sufi…

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